Online Ads: “How invasive are they?” – ask U.S. Lawmakers

Washington, D.C. ( – News Report) –As technology has advanced over the years, the way in which privacy is protected has changed with it. Now more than ever, people can share information rapidly and easily because of the Internet; yet this comes with a price. The increased ability to gather and send data has evolved into large scale information systems, which constantly work to share information worldwide and in turn, makes it difficult for an individual to know and control the information about themselves that others may have access to.

This is most commonly violated through online advertising and buying and this has prompted the House Energy and Commerce Committee to research how often and to what extent this is happening over the web. In a recent article by the Washington Post, it stated that the lawmakers are concerned with ‘whether consumers are given sufficiently clear notice about what information is collected, how it is used to target ads and whether consumers have control over the use of the data.’ Their research has begun with sending roughly 33 letters to telecommunications businesses such as: AT&T, AOL, Google, Yahoo and Verizon.
Various Senators and Representatives voiced their opinions, one stating that the consumer deserves one notification of the data that will be collected and used, and until they click their permission, ads cannot be sent. Others argued this would negatively impact online advertising.

Governments and policymakers across the globe have had to revamp and clarify their privacy laws to maintain people’s rights to privacy. Many American citizens have experienced this first-hand after the 9/11 attacks. There have been tighter restrictions imposed in many airports, malls and schools, but in the name of safety. The online data collection becomes an invasion of privacy if the individual’s safety is compromised, and one should have a voice in how much personal information is taken.

Jana Simard: Staff Reporter – Justice News Flash

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