Voiceless Complications – Medical Malpractice in hospitals lacking translators

Voiceless Complications – Medical Malpractice in hospitals lacking translators


Dallas, Texas (JusticeNewsFlash.com) – Communication is the bridge that links all inhabitants of the world. One uses language as their tool in expressing their beliefs, emotions and concerns. Without clear, understandable communication between persons, misunderstandings can lead to harm. A grave impairment was created when a pregnant, Spanish woman attempted to explain to the doctor her complications during her last pregnancy. As she frantically tried to describe her current pains while entering the emergency room, the doctors simply ignored her, for lack of translation. The result was a cesarean section surgery and a new baby with permanent brain damage.

The exchange of information between doctors and their patients is exceptionally important in the hospital realm. Patients must accurately convey their medical histories, allergies, and symptoms to their practitioners in order to be treated accordingly. For non-English speaking people, it is imperative that they bring a translator to the hospital, but many residents do not know that it is New York law that the hospitals provide translators for “non-English speaking groups comprising more than one percent of the total hospital service area population.”

If concerns are not communicated clearly and the medical care fails to treat the patient correctly, one has the right to sue and acquire compensation for the injuries caused. If a hospital fails to provide a translator for its non-English speaking patients, a potential setting for medical malpractice could be created.

Doctors and hospital staff must understand you in order to give you the best medical care possible. Be wise and bring a translator to your next hospital visit, and contact an attorney.

By law, you have a right to have a translator and be heard. You will benefit from our forty years of significant litigation experience and a bilingual staff of committed, skilled legal professionals.

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