Lee County, Florida (JusticeNewsFlash – News Report) — Remember when you and your brother or sister always drew imaginary lines to separate the couch cushions or the seats in the van? It was always so meticulous and precise as to which side was yours and which was his; and when one crossed the line, most of the time, a small fight broke out. The lines of our boarders must be re-defined in that child-like way. They have been blurred and therefore confrontations have occurred.

Lee County, Florida is a perfect example of this. Last week, the U.S Immigration and Customs Enforcement arrested 62 fugitives and subjected them to immediate removal from the United States. These are individuals who have already been warned to leave the country many times but have ignored the orders, crossing the line way too many times. The immigration fugitives and various gang members are comprised of twelve South American and Caribbean countries and boast criminal histories of drug and dangerous weapons possession, battery, assault, burglary and DUIs.

It is imperative that they return to their designated countries and cease from disobeying our officials and endangering our citizens. Their threat to public safety is ever-present and clear. The United States can only benefit from further securing the federal boarders. This aggravating process could potentially be avoided if only the immigrants applied for citizenship the right and legal way; the way millions of immigrants were granted access into the United States. Once they chose to illegally cross the lines and endanger the American citizens, there is little tolerance, if any. Immigrants are welcome in the United States if they legally contribute to our economy as well as the mission of peace.

News contributor: Jana Simard, Staff Reporter for Justice News Flash