Salmonella’s origins tracked to Nuevo Leon

Salmonella’s origins tracked to Nuevo Leon


Miami, Florida ( — With 1,300 people ill from the Salmonella outbreak, it is good to have finally tracked an origin. In a facility in the northeastern state of Nuevo Leon, partially on the Texas border, the peppers were shipped to the Agricola Zaragoza farm.

The Washington Post reports: “Investigators still have a lot to sort out, starting with the relationships between the farm in Nuevo Leon where the contaminated water and peppers were found and another farm in Tamaulipas that supplied tainted jalapeños to Agricola Zaragoza, a small distributor in Texas. So far the only connection is a packing facility in Nuevo Leon. It bought peppers from both farms and supplied Agricola Zaragoza.

Investigators are figuring out where peppers and tomatoes from the Nuevo Leon farm were shipped to, Acheson said, and awaiting the results of lab tests of samples from the Tamaulipas farm. It’s possible that peppers were contaminated by irrigation water on one farm, then sent to a packing facility where they contaminated other produce.”

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Jana Simard
Justice News Flash Health Reporter

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