North Carolina family law attorneys explains equitable distribution of marital property

Raleigh, North Carolina ( — The North Carolina law firm of Gailor Wallis & Hunt, family law specialists, speak to divorcing couples on equal division of marital property. Marital property includes all movable and immovable property like cars, home, stocks, IRA’s and bank accounts that are brought during the course of marriage. The property brought by the couple before the date of separation is defined as real and personal property in the general statue § 50-20 in North Carolina law.

Gailor Wallis & Hunt PLLC, with offices in Raleigh and Wilmington, are family law experts in North Carolina who look deeply into every aspect of family law and guide their clients to the right path in the worst phase of their martial relationship.

Educating the couples on divorce and equitable distribution of marital property, Gailor Wallis & Hunt’s website states, “Divisible property is defined as: all appreciation and diminution in value of marital and divisible property occurring after the date of separation and prior to the date of distribution, (except that appreciation or diminution in value which is the result of post separation actions or activities of a spouse); all property, property rights, or any portion thereof received after the date of separation but before the date of distribution that was acquired as a result of the effort of either spouse during the marriage and before the date of separation, including but not limited to, commissions, bonuses, and contractual rights; passive income from marital property received after the date of separation, including but not limited to, interest and dividends; and increases and decreases in marital debt and financing charges and interest related to marital debt.”

Getting in touch with Gailor Wallis & Hunt PLLC, the caring and compassionate family law and divorce lawyers in North Carolina, is a wise step for families going through divorce and who need proper family law guidance.

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