Dallas truck accident attorneys educate on increasing accidents

Dallas, Texas (JusticeNewsFlash) — Though most truckers follow the rules, laws and regulations, many accidents occur involving trucks that make the highways unsafe. If the accident is not due to the truck driver, the driver of the other vehicle may be at fault. Trucks are the giants of the road and are the source of many automobile accidents leading to great injury or even death.

Expressing concern over the rate of truck accidents, Eberstein & Witherite, the personal injury attorneys in Dallas, note that in the past years, approximately 5,212 people have died as a result of truck accidents. According to the attorneys, these accidents occur due to:

• Fatigued or sleepy driver
• Drugs or alcohol impairment
• Inexperienced driver
• Inadequate training
• Speeding, dangerous, or reckless driving
• Aggressive driving
• Tailgating
• Failure to yield the right of way
• Poorly maintained truck brakes
• Oversized trucks
• Overloaded trucks
• Unsafe safety systems
• Lack of under ride protection

A recent accident on a Dallas highway in which a cement truck skidded as it swerved to prevent hitting another vehicle, hit a motorcycle and turned over an SUV killing the driver of the car and injuring a 5-year old girl sitting in the back seat. Such incidents happen almost daily. This truck accident happened due to the negligent driving of the driver resulting in the injury of the truck drive, the little girl and the driver of the SUV. All of the parties involved are going through the ordeal of pain, suffering, loss of wage, medical hospitalization etc.

Eberstein & Witherite LLP has the experience of fighting for the rights of the injured. The personal injury lawyers have extensive experience in handling insurance companies who attempt to avoid payments to the injured and have gained rightful compensation for their injured clients helping them through their bad time.

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