Mary Alexander & Associates Winning San Francisco vehicle accidents Cases

Mary Alexander & Associates Winning San Francisco vehicle accidents Cases


San Francisco, California ( — The streets of San Francisco are not safe and for victims involved in auto accidents, the thought of finding a lawyer for their personal injury claim can be quite intimidating. Accidents happen on daily basis, sometimes due to the driver’s inattention, sometime due to the pedestrian’s negligence. Vehicle accident attorneys, Mary Alexander & Associates, specializes in car accidents, pedestrian hit & run or any injury or death arising from a car collision.

In her website, Mary Alexander speaks about personal injuries arising out of vehicle accidents: “Legal claims that arise from vehicle accidents are typically governed by the law of negligence. Any individual who negligently operates a motor vehicle may be required to pay damages to an injured victim in a car wreck or other accident. A personal injury case involving a vehicle accident may become formalized through a lawsuit in civil court, or may be resolved through an informal settlement before a lawsuit is filed.”

A vehicle accident which resulted in a pedestrian’s death hit local news in San Francisco and was reported by many news agencies. The death involved a 66-year old woman who was hit by a public service vehicle proving the extent of neglect on the part of the driver. The cause of the accident has still not been ascertained. The incident proves how unsafe roads in the city are.

People who are involved in such accidents, or the families of the deceased can get in touch Mary Alexander & Associates and her team of attorneys who fight to for the rights of victims involved in automobile collisions. Clients of Mary Alexander cannot get a better deal as the vehicle accident attorneys work on a no recovery–no fee basis. The attorneys charge their legal fee only after compensation is received.

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