Divorce, Family & Custody – What to Expect & How to Protect Your Children

North Carolina, Speaking about the trauma and after effects of divorce, the North Carolina family lawyer of Gailor Wallis & Hunt said that the divorcing parents must understand that their children are the most effected party. They are experiencing their world breaking around them. Their parents are no more in a relationship harmony which is now making their lives miserable. Child custody is therefore the key issue that should be resolved amicably so that the life of children gets least affected.

Regarding child custody, the North Carolina family lawyer explains that in the best interest of the children and their upbringing, the law provides an option of mediation to the divorcing couples, helping them to decide on the controversial issues like child custody. The mediation process costs nothing as the main aim is to bring some sense to the madness of divorce, instead of dwelling on the past, and helps the divorcing couples come to amicable terms with the help of a trained mediator couple decides on important issues like child visitation, child custody, their children education, health and welfare.

The mediator also encourages the couple to speak up in the best interest on their children where issues like child abuse, alcoholism, spousal abuse, etc have occurred. The mediator then helps the couple to reach an agreement where child’s safety is kept as issue of prime importance.

The couple is also provided with an agreement format which the couple can take as a model agreement. Nothing is forced or suggested by the mediator. He simply helps the divorcing couple to reach an understanding. The successful mediation on child custody also helps in peaceful settlement of finances and marital property.

North Carolina lawyer, Gailor Wallis & Hunt, has a successful track record in dealing with family law cases which include divorce, child custody, equitable distribution, child support, post separation support, pre-marital agreements, domestic trots and international abductions etc.

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