Bloggers Get Free, First Hand Professional Advice from Top Ranked Manhattan Personal Injury Attorney

Bloggers Get Free, First Hand Professional Advice from Top Ranked Manhattan Personal Injury Attorney


New York City, NY – Many lawyers have realized the benefits of using the web as a resource for advertising their services as well as staying connected with clients in a more convenient manner . The Internet has become a powerful tool for reaching the masses of people in need of legal assistance. New York City Trial Attorney Paul Yakaitis of the Bader, Yakaitis, and Nonnenmacher Manhattan personal injury law firm has taken things to new heights by entering the world of blogging and adding a much-desired personal touch.

The Bader, Yakaitis, and Nonnenmacher Firm –Bader, Yakaitis, and Nonnenmacher is a personal injury law firm whose practice extends throughout the state of New York. Their major practice areas include

  • New York city car accident injury cases,
  • wrongful death,
  • building accidents,- New York city construction accident 
  • negligence,
  • claims related to slip, trip, and fall accidents,
  • medical malpractice and other
  • personal injury cases.

The firm’s legal team includes Jeffrey Bader, Paul Yakaitis, and John J. Nonnenmacher who each have decades of experience and extensive practice in negotiating and litigating multi-million dollar claims. The firm is highly regarded for their success record helping clients get just compensation for their injuries and their thorough knowledge of New York state and federal law.

Professional Advice Online – The advice provided on the law firm’s blog site,, is valuable information from experienced professionals that can save individuals time, money, and energy in finding useful answers to their legal questions. Understanding personal injury law can be a complicated issue. Attorney Yakaitis has made it less difficult by breaking down complex information. He also takes the time to answer questions related to more minor issues such as traffic rules and regulations.
Yakaitis and the professional team of Bader, Yakaitis, and Nonnenmacher are encouraging individuals to take advantage of the opportunity to receive free legal advice online. By visiting, individuals can become better informed and find information on how to further pursue valid personal injury claims. For more information about Paul Yakaitis or the Bader, Yakaitis, and Nonnenmach Firm, please visit the firm’s website, or for questions about their blog.  Enter your email address at and  get educated on New York Injury cases.

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