Mesothelioma Resource Community Proves Beneficial for Increasing Awareness about Innovative Treatments for Cancer Patients

Mesothelioma Resource Community Proves Beneficial for Increasing Awareness about Innovative Treatments for Cancer Patients


Boston Based Personal Injury Attorney Uses Online Resource to Help Raise Awareness about Recent Strides in Treating Mesothelioma – a killer disease caused by Asbestos exposure. 
Boston, Ma ( November 13, 2007- When dealing with any type of terminal illness, it is  important for patients and their families to stay informed about treatment options and different forms of support. Mesothelioma is a terminal illness that is considered to be one of the most difficult forms of cancer to deal with. Treatment options are personalized, for every individual patient and understanding what is available can be a complex matter. Boston based personal injury attorney Michael Shepard a leading Boston Personal Injury Lawyer of the Shepard Law Firm has created an online mesothelioma resource community to increase awareness about the full range of treatment options available.

Recent Innovations

Several new approaches to treating mesothelioma have been tested and developed in recent years. Some combine conventional medicine with new technologies, aand prove promising in helping patients to alleviate pain and discomfort in dealing with the disease. New treatments and procedures include the use of anti-angiogenesis agents, photodynamic therapy, gene therapy, immunotherapy, and alternative medicine. These are discussed in more detail within the information portal  By visiting the site, patients and their families can obtain a wealth of information to increase their awareness about these and other treatments.

Obtaining Information Online

With information being vital to help patients find the best solution for their situation, resources like are becoming valuable tools for staying informed. Frontiers in medicine are continually changing, and he importance of online tools with easily accessible information is necessary for helping individuals stay abreast with new avenues that may have a significant impact on their lives. provides information on symptoms, treatment options, diagnosis, stages, and other issues related to the disease. The site also contains links to books, articles, and other web resources that may be helpful to patients and their families.

For more information about the online resource, or to contact Michael Shepard and The Shepard Law Firm, please visit

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