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CA Labor Commissioner Recovers $8M for 2,000 Hilton Construction Workers

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09/03/2013 // Keller Grover LLP // Keller Grover, LLP // (press release)

The 2,051 workers who helped build the Hilton San Diego Bayfront Hotel are finally receiving the wages they’re owed. California Labor Commissioner Julie A. Su has collected over $8 million in the Commission’s latest sweep to hold contractors and subcontractors accountable for labor law violations in California, reports Los Angeles wage and hour attorney Eric Grover.

The construction workers, who were employed by Hensel Phelps Construction Company and 172 subcontractors, will now see their payday after working on the 1,190-room hotel from 2006 to 2008.

The public works project was paid for with public funds through a $46.5 million rent credit from the San Diego Port District, who leased the land to the hotel owner.

Following negotiations between Hensel Phelps Construction Company and the Labor Commissioner regarding the amount of wages owed to the workers, it was decided that all 2,051 workers will receive full prevailing wages earned from the project.

The workers were responsible for virtually every aspect of the construction project, which included a wide variety of tasks from foundation drilling to concrete pouring to steel erection to landscaping.

“This office will vigorously enforce prevailing wage law to collect all of the wages owed to workers,” said Labor Commissioner Julie A. Su. “Prevailing wage laws help ensure that public dollars are used to fund quality construction and good jobs that can support families in California.”

A third party administrator will be paid by Hensel Phelps Construction Company to handle claims for the $8,072,273 owed to the workers. In addition, Hansel will help defray the investigation costs by paying an additional $400,000 to the Labor Commissioner.

“Again California Labor Commissioner Julie Su shows her dedication to bringing justice to workers who have fallen victim to employers’ unethical business practices, says Los Angeles employment lawyer Eric Grover. “If you believe your employer has not been properly compensating you for your work, or has withheld wages from you, it’s important that you explore your legal options through the Labor Commission or an employment lawyer who can help fight for your rights and owed wages.”

This article was brought to you by Los Angeles employment lawyer Eric Grover.

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