MetaWars launched strongly, now looking to the future – Press release Bitcoin News

MetaWars launched strongly, now looking to the future – Press release Bitcoin News



Press release. MetaWars is a space-themed money-making blockchain game using high-tech NFTs. After successfully launching the token, it looks forward to a very bright future.

In this game, players will play the role of a pilot in the futuristic, post-apocalyptic 50th century space war. They will use special NFTs, their native tokens, and the game currency in the reward ecosystem to command and conquer the mecha fleet planet.

After the hard work behind the scenes of developing the best token economics for their dynamic game architecture, and the expert strategy execution of marketing partners, the $WARS and $GAM tokens are now in the hands of the project’s earliest user base.

A promising start

After the smooth and exciting start of their journey to become the best StarCraft GameFi product on the market, the MetaWars team expressed their gratitude to their more than 82,000 communities and strong partners.

What’s impressive is that so far, the team has completed all deadlines and their pre-launch NFT auction is proceeding smoothly on the official website, and provides a way to purchase valuable in-game assets and supplies before the game is released. Simple way to produce products.

Early supporters were happy to see a smooth staking pool and dapp went live only three days after launch, which means that investors and future players can pledge $WARS tokens to earn $GAM (in-game currency), Or pledge five times the WARS-BUSD LP $GAM reward.

Some highlights of the $WARS release:

  • The pre-launch NFT auction attracted nearly 1,000 bids and raised 2,000 Bitcoin
  • $WARS pre-sale tokens are sold out in just a few minutes on all three launch boards (Polylauncher, Red Kite, GameFi)
  • As the price soared, the listing on PancakeSwap showed great potential, and it gradually stabilized after a period of time between US$0.50 and US$0.70
  • The first MetaWars game trailer and demo released—— look here.
  • Staking for $WARS and $WARS-$BUSD LP has been carried out on the dapp and can be accessed at the following website
  • The Discord server for this project is active and has a Invitational In progress, the community can obtain limited game assets NFT

A bigger adventure is coming

MetaWars has just started, and there are many things to look forward to on the project roadmap at the end of the year and the first quarter of 2022.

The team is doing more preparations for NFT, which means that NFT staking can be activated soon. Users will be able to pledge NFT plus $WARS or $GAM tokens to earn greater rewards for the upcoming Metaverse War.

Another aspect of the game being teased is planets, which must be acquired and defended as territories in the game. Players should soon be able to purchase them through another auction or other means. Those who are eager to know need to wait for this announcement.

Last but not least, an adventure game is about to be released. In this game, players will be able to use their tokens and NFTs to let them experience the future of ecosystem functions when the complete MetaWars game is released next year.

Detailed information about the adventure game will be announced along with a series of other events. This will definitely bring more excitement to the community and attract the attention of new investors. Pay close attention to MetaWars and follow their official channels for the latest developments.

About Yuan War

MetaWars is a next-generation blockchain gaming experience where you can play and earn. Explore and fight in the entire universe. With the support of the NFT in the game, fight, trade and earn robots, ships and planetary terrain. The $WARS token will become the anchor of the entire universe that can be contested.

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