Appeared in court in London, Ontario accused of truck attacking Muslim family

A man in London, Ontario, was charged with first-degree murder and terrorism in a fatal hit-and-run attack on a Muslim family while he was out for a walk at night. He will appear in court again this morning.

Nathaniel Veltman, 20, faces four first-degree murder charges, one attempted murder charge, and related terrorism charges.

Five members from London, Ontario, on June 6. The family was knocked down by a black truck while going out for a walk at night. 46-year-old Salman Afzaal, his 44-year-old wife Madiha Salman, their 15-year-old daughter Yumna Afzaal and 74-year-old Salman’s mother Talat Afzaal were killed. The youngest member of the family survived. The nine-year-old has been discharged from the hospital and is being taken care of by members of the extended family.

Veltman was arrested not far from the crash site.

The police said the attack on the family was motivated by anti-Muslim hatred.

He also appeared in court twice, both via video links from the Elgin Middlesex Detention Center. On his last appearance in court, federal prosecutors appeared in court and escalated his charges to include terrorism.

According to the Criminal Law, when the prosecutor believes that the crime is for political, religious or ideological purposes, and the purpose is to threaten the public or part of the public, they can make a charge of terrorism.

When he showed up for the last time, Veltman had no lawyers and no defense. He said he will need to apply for legal aid.

Nathaniel Veltman, 20, appeared in the Ontario High Court on Monday, June 14 via a video link from the Elgin Middlesex Detention Center and was charged with terrorism . (Drawing by Lauren Foster-McLeod)

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