Coronavirus: What happened on Sunday in Canada and around the world


Saskatchewan Announce with neighboring Alberta that the province has reached its COVID-19 vaccination target in preparation for the third and final phase of its reopening plan, when most public health measures will be cancelled.

The provincial government said on Saturday Step 3 of the plan can start on July 11 Now, 70% of Saskatchewan residents 18 years and older have received their first dose of COVID-19 vaccine.

“The people of Saskatchewan have done a great job protecting themselves and those around them, while ensuring that we can safely reopen through vaccination,” Governor Scott Moe said at a press conference.

He also urged people to continue to get the vaccine and continue to get the second shot.

In step 3, the only remaining restrictions will be the size of events and gatherings, while the mandatory indoor shelter order will remain unchanged.

The province stated that these remaining restrictions may be lifted when the first vaccination rate for all residents of the province 12 years and older reaches 70%. The first vaccination rate for all eligible people (12 years and older) is now 68%.

Relax more restrictions on Sunday

According to the province Reopening plan, Step 3 will be performed three weeks after Step 2, and Step 2 will start on Sunday.

As long as the physical distance of two meters can be maintained, this step eliminates the enterprise’s capacity constraints. The table capacity of the restaurant is cancelled, but there must still be two meters or physical barriers between the tables. The dance floor and buffet must remain closed.

Other restrictions eased on Sunday include changing the number of people allowed to attend parties. However, the limit on the number of people allowed in places of worship remains unchanged and remains at 30% of the capacity or the upper limit of 150 people, whichever is less.

This is the same week Alberta Announced that almost all public health restrictions for COVID-19 will be lifted on July 1.

Whole province Vaccine threshold reached The final phase of Thursday’s three-step reopening plan is required, and more than 70% of eligible Albertans have received at least one dose of the COVID-19 vaccine.

What’s happening in canada

As of 9 a.m. EST on Sunday, Canada has reported 1,408,157 confirmed cases of COVID-19, of which 12,253 are considered active. The death toll on CBC News is 26,054. To date, more than 31.8 million doses of COVID-19 vaccine have been vaccinated across the country. CBC’s vaccine tracker.

Saturday in Atlantic Canada, New Brunswick Report Five new cases COVID-19, but the vaccination rate continues to rise. Now, more than 76% of eligible residents have at least one shot.

Watch | Gig workers in New Brunswick worry about the income impact of the reopening of COVID-19:

As the province enters the second stage, the side job of app couriers is slowing down. 1:47

Nova Scotia saw Six new cases Saturday, with the expansion of mobile testing at Cape Breton and West Hans this weekend.

in Newfoundland and Labrador, No new cases have been reported, 75% of eligible residents The COVID-19 vaccine has now been vaccinated at least once, and this benchmark is considered a benchmark that needs to be met as part of the province’s reopening plan.

in Prince Edward IslandNo new cases were reported on Saturday, and more than 7,000 people have signed up Bae PassThis allows travelers with vaccination certificates from outside the province to enter PEI without self-isolation.

Ontario Report 355 new cases COVID-19 broke out on Saturday and 13 others died.

The province will increase appointments for a second dose of vaccines for some groups in the coming weeks. As of Monday, anyone taking Pfizer or Moderna for the first time between April 19 and May 9 should be able to find follow-up appointments.

Quebec comfirmed 160 new cases Nine more people died on Saturday.

On Sunday, public health officials once again opened a walk-in vaccination clinic outside the Bell Center in Montreal to attract hockey fans to the Canadians’ playoffs.

Watch | The walk-in clinic aims to vaccinate Habs fans:

Health workers made the deal sweeter this weekend by offering free hot dogs to vaccinated people. 1:21

In the prairie, Manitoba Report 151 new COVID-19 cases Three more people died on Saturday. Saskatchewan Recorded 55 new cases, with Alberta saw 127 new cases And six new deaths.

in British Columbia, No updated figures were reported over the weekend, and more than 75% of eligible residents received at least one dose of the vaccine.

in the north, Yukon Territory Health officials report 29 new cases on Saturday. The region’s chief medical officer, Dr. Brendan Hanley, said 31 of the 87 active cases in the Yukon are believed to be caused by a gamma variant of the virus, which was first discovered in Brazil.

Nunavut with North-west region No new cases were reported on Saturday.

What is happening around the world

As of Sunday morning, the COVID-19 case database showed that there were more than 178.2 million reported cases worldwide.This Johns Hopkins University Tracker The reported global death toll exceeds 3.8 million.

in Asia, The United States sent 2.5 million doses of Moderna COVID-19 vaccine to Taiwan on Sunday, three times the amount previously promised.

Taiwan, which is relatively unharmed by the virus, has seen a surge in new cases since May, caught off guard, and is now scrambling to obtain a vaccine. It has ordered 5.05 million doses directly from Moderna, but so far it has only received 390,000 doses, including the second shipment that arrived on Friday.

Taiwan’s Minister of Health Chen Shizhong (left) and the top US official in Taiwan, Brent Christensen, holding a thank you card to welcome a China Airlines cargo plane carrying the COVID-19 vaccine from Memphis, which was launched in December 2019 Arrived at the airport outside Taipei on the 19th. on Sunday. (Taiwan CDC/Associated Press)

in Europe, The London football stadium has been transformed into a “super pop-up” vaccination site because the UK is trying to inoculate young people against COVID-19.

Hundreds of people lined up at Tottenham Hotspur’s North London Stadium on Sunday, and similar events were held on Saturday at Chelsea’s Stamford Bridge Stadium in West London and the Olympic Stadium in East London.

in AfricaAccording to the World Health Organization’s Regional Office for Africa, Uganda is one of the countries that have reported the most new cases every week since the pandemic began.

President Yowreri Museveni has introduced comprehensive new anti-coronavirus measures, including a ban on all vehicles except basic workers.

According to NHK reports, one of Uganda’s 2020 Tokyo Olympic team was tested positive for the coronavirus when arriving in Japan on Saturday. This is the first time an overseas team has confirmed the infection.

inside America, Anti-government protesters took to the streets of Brazilian cities as the country’s confirmed COVID-19 death toll soared to more than 500,000.

Thousands of people gathered in Rio de Janeiro on Saturday to condemn President Jair Bolsonaro’s pandemic response, waving a banner that read “Get out of Bolsonaro.” Other marchers held up posters that read: “500,000 people died. It is his fault.” At least 22 of Brazil’s 26 states also held similar parades.

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