Instant observation: The 76ers were unprepared in the first game against the Eagles

The 76ers looked uninspired and unprepared in the first half of their first game against Atlanta, and the Eagles finally took home from Philadelphia with a score of 128-124. Joel Embiid’s game-high 39 points was not enough to make things in Philadelphia benefit them.

This is what I saw.


• With an hour left before the game, Embiid’s availability is still in doubt, but you will never guess this from how he looked after the game started. He was almost the only person on the roster who seemed ready to jump on the court, freeing him from concerns that the 76ers put him in danger early in the series.

This looks like any great game Embiid has played this season, which includes frontal jump shots, low-post moves and his usual strong combination of heading to the free throw line. Concerns about his mobility also seem to be relatively misguided-when the 76ers asked him to show a higher level of pick-and-roll coverage, Embiid kept up with Young and cleared one worth worrying about entering the series. Important obstacles.

To be honest, if the 76ers worked harder to pass the ball to him, Embiid could have had a better night. His decision-makers made some hasty possessions and bad decisions that ultimately limited his ability to drag them back into the game.

The big question that this question brings is whether Embiid’s knee feels okay when he has been playing for a long time.

• For a long time, I have been skeptical that Matisse Sebull can play a greater role in the playoffs, but as the first game progressed, Sebull moved forward with some of Danny Green’s playing time Advancement is almost mandatory. Some of it boiled down to Green playing absolutely miserable in the first game, and some of it was due to Saibull, who at least made Yang work hard to get points.

Thybulle allows you to report on what the Philadelphia team is trying to do without having to provide Young with a runway to the basket. Letting him chase on the screen is a very different proposition from Green chasing on the screen. Thybulle’s top speed allows him to return to Yang’s hips and participate in the competition.

After Thybulle accepted the task, Young’s night slowed down almost immediately. Some of the reasons are that Young slowed down after playing unsustainably in the first half, but Sebull was at least not an isolated moving target, which made him several levels higher than Green’s performance.

• Through appropriate adjustments, Atlanta’s buckling under the pressure of the audience, and the hustle and bustle of the Wells Fargo Center, the 76ers finally somehow managed to turn this game into a game. For this team, even though they played one of the worst halftimes in months to start the second round, they were still able to turn this game into a game, which should be heartening.

One thing they can be confident about going forward: These Eagles don’t seem to be prepared for pressure defense. The 76ers can’t let Larry Brown go all out to press Atlanta as the team used to do in 2001, but this is another change that the Philadelphia team can use to keep the Hawks vigilant.


• If the 76ers enter this series and expect to be comparable to the Washington Wizards, then they will receive a huge wake-up call in the first quarter of the series. Maybe this will eventually become a good thing, a warning shot, awakening them from the coma.

In any case, the 76ers were too hasty in the opening 12 minutes. After years of trouble with turnovers, they took better care of basketball this season, but they coughed up the ball eight times in the first quarter with an alarming number. A savage pass by George Hill on the bottom line, Tyrese Maxi stepped out of bounds at the end of the quarter, Joel Embiid’s error, and even Ben Simmons’ pass should have been convicted of a foul. But Dan Niglin didn’t get it, and the Hawks took another three-pointer.

If you don’t take good care of basketball in the playoffs, you will have a terrible life.

• There are high expectations for Maxey to enter the second round. He may well be the worst player in the first half (not Danny Green), and when you consider how bad the 76ers are as a team, this shows something.

I didn’t attribute it specifically to anything about Maxey, he looked like a rookie in the garden in the playoffs. Hasty turnovers, excessive defensive gambling, and the inability to complete the game in traffic are signs that the game was a bit too fast for him because they faced a non-Wizards team.

This performance is exactly why Shake Milton’s return made the 76ers so painful. Milton himself is not a proven playoff performer, but he has more experience, and (theoretically) should be someone they can call for help in this place to correct the ship. But he may be their worst player in the first round. He hasn’t performed well for months, which puts the coaching staff in trouble.

• For some time, we have been waiting for the full bench to make the 76ers pay the price, and Rivers chose to stick to them in this game. The 76ers have dropped by double digits and declined rapidly. This is a Strange decision. The coaching staff seems to think they are still playing Wizards or their similar teams. Why try to climb out of a big hole with a team that has habitually lost playing time throughout the season? Who does this make sense?

• I totally approve of selfless basketball, but the 76ers gave up for no reason. It seems that there are some good vacancies in the first and second halves. In the playoffs, you don’t always have the opportunity to chase great shots at the expense of great shots. If you are an excellent shooter and have enough space for it to fly, then you absolutely must do this.

This is a problem for any player on Sunday-Tobias Harris, Seth Curry, Shaq Milton, Fulkan Korkmaz and Matisse Sebr all In at least one game, they missed the open position, forcing teammates to shoot the bell deeper in the shot. It is difficult to win in this way.

• There were a lot of complaints about the referee at the Wells Fargo Center on Sunday, which was taken for granted to some extent, but the 76ers did not make the most of their time on the charity strip. Ben Simmons recorded his first free throw of the season against Atlanta. His dilemma on the charity streak did not seem to disappear. Simmons made 1 of 6 shots from the free throw line and in many of his attempts. It’s not really close.

He is not the only culprit. Maxi played a pair in the important stage of the fourth quarter, Embiid and Harris missed a goal each, Philadelphia’s lead in free throws was finally wasted by the home team.

• So we include him here before he is burned further: Danny Green’s performance on Sunday was very bad. Can’t stop Yang, can’t hit the ball. Cruel effort.


• As early as the first quarter, everyone pointed the finger at Danny Green, and his performance in defense of Treyang must be terrible. If you think Ben Simmons should be the main cover character for Young, then I am not here to argue with you. Leaving Green on Yang like the 76ers is definitely an act of malfeasance.

That said, I’m not sure why the 76ers chose to surrender the coverage route to Yang, who caused a kill to the Knicks when they showed up, and usually kills the team throughout the year. Whether they are worried about Clint Capela’s lob, or just trying to prevent Embiid from being overactive because of a knee problem, Philadelphia is basically the daring Young to beat them in the second level.

As soon as he started seeing shots from there, Young put the 76ers into scramble mode, knocking down three-pointers when they gave him sunlight, and when he tried to get up into his chest, he slipped past Green. When the 76ers tried to see Yang in a different light, it was too late.

Your initial game plan is very important for high-level players, because if you allow them to move on, it doesn’t matter who or what you throw at them over time. When you go further in the playoffs, the margin for error becomes smaller, and they find it difficult.

• Throughout the season, Rivers used a simple explanation to justify the defensive matchup decision: He doesn’t want Simmons to get into foul trouble, and he likes to make Simmons a wanderer. When you played against the Charlotte Hornets in mid-February, it was understandable to take this stance. When you start the playoff series, Tre Young is doing whatever he wants to do and dominating the game because you refuse to change the game. That is a very different story.

Simmons’ scoring statistics in many games this season don’t look impressive, but his defense has been able to make up for the difference. The 76ers didn’t even really give him a chance to do this in the first half of the first game. He worked hard to get the 76ers to hit some energy balls in the second quarter, but these will never provide the same value. He can fight the defense of someone like Yang.

If you want to try Green on Young to start, please do so. As long as the 76ers do this, there is absolutely no reason to hit your head against the wall. Once he rolls, the Eagles don’t even need to send a screen in Yang’s direction, just rely on him to let Green follow and beat him in one direction or the other. A person who watched their first 76ers game might tell you to change the game.

Hell, the worst part is that Simmons didn’t even handle his task well, Bogdan Bogdanovic, who threw a bunch when Simmons cheated/”roamed” too far away from him Open three points. They got the best of both worlds, and it’s hard to say they deserve anything different.

• I think the worst thing about the 76ers’ frustrating performance in the first round is that most problems should have been determined before the series.Damn, we covered the two biggest In our preview For the series: They don’t know what to do against Yang in the pick-and-roll. They let him defend in the corner 90% of the game.

The coaching staff made many necessary adjustments in the second half, so I hope they can inherit these courses and move on. It is not ideal to give up the game before you figure it out, but it is better than being smoked for four consecutive quarters, because you are too stubborn to change anything. We will see the development direction of the series.

• It seems that everyone likes it, but I will continue to boil it down to having a fictional wrestler ring the bell before the game. Growing up, Peter Pan.

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