Mailbag: Will the Eagles sign Steven Nelson with the savings from the Zach Ertz trade or release?

In the Eagle chat on Wednesday, there were many questions that we could not solve in time or other questions that we did answer but could use more colors. So, let’s post a mailbag post to answer some overflow questions, as well as some common questions on Twitter and email.

Question from jsstag: It seems that Steven Nelson’s addition and Zach Ertz’s subtraction are a perfect match to make room for a much-needed position and move on from a player who wants to be released to a less-needed position. . In fact, this means Oetz in Nielsen’s trade. Is this likely to happen?

I will not sign Steven Nelson. He is a good and stable NFL starting corner kick, but he has 7 INT and 1 FF in 6 seasons. He is not an influential player.

In 2019, he signed a three-year, $25.5 million contract with the Steelers, and he believes that his performance is better than the Steelers. At this point, Nelson and his representatives may feel that they missed an opportunity to maximize his value because they were released after the free agency market began. Therefore, unless there is an unexpected “first day of free agent” type of long-term offer (someone may have already provided it now), Nielsen may prefer to sign a one-year contract in 2021, with a focus on the next offseason Bigger long-term payday.

Spending a lot of money on short-term repairs is not something the Eagles should be interested in. If they are contenders for the Super Bowl, then of course, go for it. But they are not.

A few weeks ago, we watched Which positions will look strong in the 2022 NFL Draft, And the corner can be said to be the top of the list. If I were the Eagles, I would be more inclined to add a low-cost band-aid to spend the 2021 season, save this money for a player who can be a long-term answer, and keep my choice off-season in the next corner.

Question from Zach Ertz: If you have to guess, where do you think I will play this season?

Throughout the offseason, I think the Bills are the most meaningful on the roster. They are strong contenders for the Super Bowl, which makes them more likely to justify paying an extra $8.25 million for Ertz in 2021, and they have obvious needs in the tight end position.

prior to, We identified the teams around the NFL (a) Need to be in TE, (b) have a reasonable opportunity to compete, and (c) have at least $8.25 million in salary space to accept his contract. they are:

  1. Cardinals
  2. pony
  3. dolphin

Well, you can now add Bills to that list after they reorganized Stefon Diggs’ contract on June 1st, clearing out nearly $8 million in additional salary space.

The timing of this move feels like what they are going to do somethingAnd Ertz is more meaningful than any other player who is rumored to be changing teams.

If I had to choose the next most likely team, I might choose the Cardinals and then the Colts.

Eagles fans’ problem in 1966: I don’t remember a team with 3 first-round picks. Hope the Hawks will have this situation next year. Please tell me that Howie will not trade one or more of them before the start of the season in an attempt to win this crazy department and become one in the playoffs and finish.

It happens more frequently than you think. A few years ago, the Giants had only three first-round picks when they drafted Daniel Jones (6), Dexter Lawrence (17) and Deandre Baker (30). Oops, by the way.

The Jets have four In the first round of the 2000 draft, they selected DL Shaun Ellis (12) edge rushers John Abraham (13), QB Chad Pennington (18) and TE Anthony Becht (27). In total, they have won 36 starting seasons from these guys.

As for trading these picks, no, I don’t think we will see this happen this offseason. The only situation I can see that the Eagles deal with any of their 2022 first-round picks is if they feel they have a chance to “buy” with DeShawn Watson, which is reasonable (except for legal issues). Because it will be a long time-the term answer is in the most important position. But for players like Julio Jones, or some other move aimed at staying competitive in 2021? No, I am with you. They should never trade any of these picks.

Question from BigWillyStyle: Who is the next eagle to win his first professional bowl?

I will arrange them like this:

  1. Devon Tower Smith
  2. Dallas God
  3. Javin Hargrave

Question from jlinpv: Are there any 1-year FA signings that have a reasonable chance of getting a good enough year to bring a comparative pick?

The first thing to always remember is that you have to lose more qualified players than you get to get the combo pick. After basically having to absent from free agents this year, and only sign low-cost players and roster to fill the vacancies, they may be more aggressive next offseason. I think they will sign more players than they have lost.

But to answer your question, the threshold for qualifying for the combined draft is not very high. If players like Anthony Harris and Eric Wilson play well enough and they leave for other teams, they really only need to coax an AAV contract worth about $3 million to qualify. Again, if they play pretty well, the Hawks will try to keep them.

Cesar asked: If you, as a fan, had to choose a game to buy tickets, which game would you recommend this season? Try to make a decision for yourself.

I like a nice autumn game. Not too hot, not too cold-just a beautiful, brisk, 55-degree autumn football day. In addition, when I went as a spectator, I used to like games in the late afternoon. You can drink beer while watching the early afternoon game in the parking lot, and then take part in the main event.

Looking at the schedule, based on these two parameters, I might fight for the Chargers game on November 7th. Of course, that was week 9, so the risk is that the team will be like 1-7 by then and it won’t be uninteresting.

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