The latest news from the royal family-Prince Charles has a secret code name for Meghan Markle, and fans think this is a huge compliment

If Megan loses her title, she will become a princess

A royal commentator pointed out that if Meghan loses the title of Duchess of Sussex, she will become a princess.

Daniela Elser wrote in “After the Duke and Duchess of Sussex attacked the royal family, any action to deprive them of their titles could have very unexpected consequences.

“Her Majesty the Queen is exerting increasing influence on this wayward couple, making them give up their Sussex title actually counterproductive and prove to be a boon for Montecito’s most controversial taxpayer?

“On the one hand, this makes the 95-year-old monarch look very stingy and vengeful.

“In turn, the Sussex couple may be immersed in a kind of public relations martyrdom, which will strengthen their anti-establishment,’truth to power’ brand.

“Even if Harry and Meghan are no longer able to use their Sussex titles, they can still rely on his prince status. He will always be the official Prince Henry of Wales, and as his wife, she has every right to call herself For Princess Henry of Wales, just like the queen’s cousin Prince Michael of Kent and his wife Princess Michael of Kent.”

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