The latest news about UFO sightings-UFO documents “released today, June 1st”, the video shows “Navy ships swarming”

A non-confidential intelligence report on the UFO is expected to be submitted to Congress this month-presumably, it may arrive as soon as today.

Congress passed legislation in December requiring the Department of Defense and the Director of National Intelligence to produce a report on “unknown aerial phenomena” within six months.

According to the Washington Post, the report will be unclassified and is expected to include the U.S. government’s knowledge of UAP.

It is believed that the document may arrive as early as today-June 1st.

It will check whether the unidentified flying phenomenon poses a threat to U.S. airspace. deadline report.

The report is unlikely to conclude that highly advanced aliens are the cause, but it may not rule them out.

It is expected that further UFO research and funding recommendations will be included in the archive.

Pentagon officials took unprecedented steps last year and released three excellent videos showing their “encounters” with UFOs.

Perhaps the most striking is a passage called “Tick the sugar“-This shows that an unknown object is being pursued by a fighter jet.

Moreover, it is reported that many American warships in San Diego were visited by strange ships from above.

According to footage disclosed by the Pentagon to The Sun, the Navy destroyer USS Kidd was using night vision cameras and found several mysterious flashing objects in the sky.

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