Is the celoxibin spore kit legal?

Toxins (chemical substances), nautilus mushrooms, and any substances containing nautilin are illegal in every state and every state in the United States. I know that some cities and Oregon have legalized some psychedelic drugs, but decriminalization will not create any legal, regulated market. Yes, Oregon will eventually have a regulated market, but it won’t happen until at least 2023. Under the auspices of the FDA, of course some companies are paving the way for research, but this has not established a legal market. Therefore, selling psilocybin today is just illegal.

Nevertheless, where there is a law, there will always be a budding entrepreneur trying to find loopholes. . . But it may eventually violate the law. That’s where we get the psilocybin spore kit.

The spore kit allows people to grow Nautilus. Spore kits usually do not contain psilocybin.Therefore, the argument is that the spore kit does not contain psilocybin, so they have to legitimate. There are many problems with this statement.

Let us first look at the federal law. According to the Controlled Substances Act (CSA), psilocybin and heroin are both Schedule 1 narcotics. One person might say: “But the spore kit does not have any psilocybin!” Well, CSA Prohibit Known or intentional “manufacture” of controlled substances. CSA definition “Manufacturing” includes “production”, and “production” is defined as including “the cultivation, growth or harvest of controlled substances.” Therefore, although the spore kit itself may not contain psilocybin, the use of the spore kit to cultivate psilocybin mushrooms may violate the CSA.

For many reasons, selling spore packs is also a problem.

  1. Selling under CSA is illegal Drug paraphernalia. The term is broadly defined to include “any equipment, product or material primarily intended or designed for the following purposes: manufacturing, . . . [or] produce. . . Controlled substances”. Remember the definition of manufacturing and production above? Well, it seems to be very successful-at least to some extent, the spore kits are mainly used for these purposes. And it is difficult to see that they will not be used for these purposes. purpose.
  2. Illegal Attempt or conspiracy Violation of CSA. Therefore, if someone sells a spore kit intended for cultivating nautilin, regardless of whether the CSA is actually grown, it can be considered an attempt to violate the CSA.
  3. It is also illegal to assist and teach bet crimes. If the buyer is convicted of producing psilocybin mushrooms, the seller will also face liability for damages.

What about the country? Each state is different, but in aspects such as appliances, attempts, etc., there are usually laws similar to CSA. Although cannabis-friendly states may in some cases exempt cannabis accessories from criminal charges arising from the sale of paraphernalia, this certainly does not apply to psilocybin paraphernalia.Some states (e.g. California) have taken additional measures and have done similar things This:

[E]Intention to produce [psilocybin], To cultivate any spores or mycelium were able Producing mushrooms or other materials containing this controlled substance should be punished in county prison or imprisonment not exceeding one year.

. . .

Everyone who transports, imports to the state, sells, provides, gives or offers for transportation, imports to the state, sells, provides or gives away any spores or mycelium were able Produce mushrooms or other materials containing the following substances [psilocybin] To promote violations [the prior paragraph] Should be sentenced to a county prison or a fixed-term imprisonment of not more than one year.

Therefore, in general, it is illegal to grow even sterile spores in California Capable The act of producing spores, importing or selling such spores is also illegal.

There is a lot of misleading information about the online information about the spore kits (surprisingly), but the most important thing is that even if the federal law does not explicitly mention the spore kits, this does not mean that they are legal. In fact , There are enough laws that the federal government may claim that they are illegal. In addition, states usually have similar laws, and some states explicitly require spore cultivation.

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