Actor Gavin McLeod, famous for “Love the Boat” and “The Mary Taylor Moore Show”, died at the age of 90

TV actor Gavin MacLeod (Gavin MacLeod) Love boat with Mary Taylor Moore Show already dead. He was 90 years old.

MacLeod’s nephew Mark See told the variety show that MacLeod died on Saturday (Saturday). Business publications reported that McLeod’s health was very poor recently, but did not give the cause of death.

MacLeod’s satirical TV news writer Murray Slaughter in the 1970s comedy became a star Mary Taylor Moore Show.

With the succession of the cheerful Captain Merrill Stubing, he continued to play the leading role and gained a bigger reputation. Love boat, Starting from 1977-86.Early in his career, he was McHale’s Navy From 1962 to 1964 served as sailor Joseph “Happy” Haynes.

His film credits include Kelly’s Hero, Sand and pebble, Sword of Alibaba, War hunt with Crime spoiler.In his recent TV show, there are Moved by angels, I with Queen king.

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