Philly forward watch: Cornelius Randolph Mitch Moniak Bryson Stock Mick Abel

The Phillies are being tested-there are more ways to be tested than they are now-and they are really eager to gain depth.

It remains to be seen whether this depth will appear in a way that breaks through the prospects, or whether it will be subject to changes in the prospects brought about by major league assets. You can be sure that many of the participants below will soon become critical to the future of the Phillies’ team in some way.

This is why we check the best prospects for the Phillies every few weeks. Who is hot now? Who is struggling? Has the team’s recent first-round picks approached promotion or major league appearances?

Take a look:

(The ranking of potential customers is based on FanGraph’s preseason top 41)

Who is hot

Connelius Randolph (LF), Lehigh Valley (NR)

He was a first-round pick in 2015, and he may be a late-season pick.Randolph was named Triple-A player of the week last week and hit the ball to The average score was .591, including three-point home runs, nine-point RBI and eight-point scoring. The 23-year-old is still very young. If the veteran leaves next offseason, he may develop into a remote genius to replace Andrew McCutchen. He hit 0.356 in 17 games this season, and if he maintains this level, he will soon enter South Philadelphia.

Bryson Stott, SS, Jersey Beach (No. 5)

Don’t look at it now, but the future shortstop of the Phillies is breaking through in New Jersey and can find a fast lane into professionalism. Stott was a first-round pick for Philly two years ago and is 23 years old this year. He has now drastically cut .274/458/.516, which is an All-Star in all majors. He has 4 home runs, 8 RBIs and 21 moves in 19 games and may soon be promoted.

Lehigh Valley SP Adonis Medina (No. 22)

Medina seems to be a top player. When he pitched in his 24-year-old season, many people wondered if he would really break through. The right-handed Dominican has scored a perfect 3-0 in this year’s Triple-A game so far, and has scored 5 scoreless positions in his most recent start.

Mick Abel of Clearwater (SP), SP (2nd place)

The Phillies’ top pick since 2020 has made four shots in the Single-A game and has improved every time. After allowing three rounds, then two rounds, and then one round, the 19-year-old threw three hurdles in his most recent game, a one-hit round.

Lehigh Valley SP Bailey Falter (No. 12)

Stubborn Phillies fans know that the 24-year-old Falter is a minor player who made two unsatisfactory rounds during his MLB debut in April. No one has heard of it since then. But he found his groove in Triple-A, showing a negligible 0.63 ERA in the last three games (14.2. innings in total). Overall, he has a 2.41 ERA in four total serves and 26 strikeouts in 18.2 innings.

Caspian Valley (NR) 3B Luke Williams (Luke Williams)

It is difficult to continue to ignore Williams, who showed in his 24-year-old season that he can reduce his minor league pitches. The first three rounds of the draft this year’s field goal percentage was 0.352, and the last four games allowed him to collect exactly two field goals per game from May 19th to 23rd.

Caspian Valley (RP) Damon Jones (No. 23)

If the Phillies need some relief after the season, the 26-year-old Jones must be their next call. Although he is older, he is still the 23rd man in the farm system. He has been absolutely eliminated from the 9.1 innings of the iron pig farm. He only allowed four hits and has a 1.93 ERA.

Caspian Valley (RP) Mauricio Lolovera (RP), No. 30

If Jones is called, Lolovera should be the next person to follow. The other older arm (25 years old) appeared in Major League Baseball (MLB) last season. In 9 innings of Triple-A, the ERA was 1.00.

Who is not

Caspian Valley CF Mitch Moniac (8th place)

Oh, Mickey Moniak. Phils’s 2016 No. 1 Qualifiers performed poorly in a short chance at the beginning of this spring because of the opportunity to get a starting salary job with CF (later won by Odubel Herrera) . Moniak’s sluggish state continued into Triple-A, but his pace was slow, winning four straight. Despite this, his average batting rate against minor league pitchers in May was .175, but that didn’t bode well.

Francisco Morales of SP, “Reading” (No. 3)

Morales was only 21 years old when he was young. This is his outstanding performance in Double-A Reading so far. As one of Phils’ highest pitching prospects, Morales has an ERA of 18.69 in four games, which is not a typo. In those first games, he only recorded 8.2 games and allowed up to 20 runs, of which 18 were won. The learning curve from Single to Double-A can sometimes be sharp.

Archimedes Gamboa (SS), Reading (NR)

Gamboa is a very talented defensive player-the Phillies desperately need this now-but his racket is still behind in the Double-A game. So far, he has shot 200 to 16 games on the Mendoza line, even though he did have 3 home runs.

Louis Garcia, SS, Clearwater (No. 9)

Garcia is one of the top 15 players on the Phillies, but at the age of 20, his struggling can be forgiven. The 2020 vacation will undoubtedly harm the development of international contractors. Three years ago, his shooting percentage at the rookie ball reached 0.369, but with his promotion, his performance got worse and worse. Currently, the slender shortstop is flying at .208 in Florida.

Jhaylin Ortiz, RF, Clearwater (No. 26)

Ortiz is a talented potential customer and another entry point for the Phillies through the pipeline of the Dominican Republic. However, Ortiz didn’t handle the bat well after the Heat started in Clearwater-his shooting percentage dropped to 0.230. At the age of 22, many people hope that Ortiz can jump into Double-A with an outstanding performance this summer.

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