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Acorai is an early-stage medical device startup that has partnered with Bayer to improve the way we manage 65 million patients with heart failure around the world through the use of our smartphones. CEO Filip Peters showed off the Acorai device, which is basically an expanded smartphone case, equipped with four different sensor technologies. Just hold the phone against the chest, and they can work together to measure the heart of the patient. pressure. Of course, the real magic is the algorithm that converts these readings into early detection of potential events. How is this different from our current status of caring for these types of patients? Filip said that at present, the alternative to this type of monitoring is implanted sensors, which are not even available to many patients. As a result, most early warning signs of impending heart failure have been ignored. Acorai’s technology has truly revolutionary potential because it can detect signs of hospitalization for heart failure 30 days in advance.

Acorai has been selected as one of the four “growth trajectories” of the Bayer G4A Digital Health Partner Program. Filip introduced us to the potential possibilities that Bayer sees in the daily information data stream provided by Acorai devices to cardiologists. Fascinating future heart care!

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