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There are many ways to interact with us Information 2020 the type Hive innovator. Whether in the Hive innovator gathering or at the community luncheon, we have the opportunity to discuss the innovator’s “what if” question, or through TEDMED Scout: Your AR Innovation Guide. This year, the experience of Hive innovators is supported by our partner TBWAWorldHealth.

Innovators’ Gathering

At TEDMED 2020, honeycomb innovator Will participate in planned gathering discussions around the theme of his work. Everyone in the TEDMED community can participate in the innovator gathering, which is an exciting opportunity to learn more about Hive innovators and their work to shape healthier humans. The themes of this year’s Hive Innovator Gathering include: Diagnosis in the new era, personalization of digital health, new models of mental health care, human health atlas, the power of medical knowledge, with Health technology.

Community Lunch: Celebrate innovation with Hive innovators and the TEDMED community

Invite delegates to join Hive innovators and members of the larger TEDMED community for lunch, inspired by innovation.Have lunch with them on the table marked with their table and get to know the Hive innovators “in case?” problem.

TEDMED Scout: Your guide to AR innovation

Embrace the theme of this year, “create a miracle”, TEDMED and TBWAWorldHealth jointly planned an experience that celebrates innovation and releases our curiosity.Throughout the event, delegates can unlock the augmented reality experience, we call TEDMED Scout: Your guide to AR innovation, And carefully check the ideas represented by each innovator on the phone. Moreover, the virtual concierge will guide the unprecedented live network connection between the innovator and our community. After the event, the experience will be carried out digitally, so that anyone in the world can use the 2020 TEDMED Hive innovators and their amazing ideas to realize their dreams.

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